Revive Superior Rail - The campaign to return passenger rail service to Thunder Bay along the North Shore

North Shore Passenger Rail is Vital

In the 1980s, the world-famous passenger rail route was an important component of the local economy and a vital transport link for thousands of tourists and residents. At a time when communities are looking to diversify their economies, rail can help them and their residents in important ways:

  • It's a vital transport option. Cutbacks to Greyhound passenger bus service and rising fuel costs have now severely limited transportation options for many people and businesses in Northwestern Ontario. Now more than ever, a rail option is needed for local residents.
  • It's great for the environment. Passenger rail is one of the most efficient ways to travel, and will be integral to reducing air pollution and harmful climate change effects in the future.
  • It's great for tourism. Passenger rail along side a completed Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area will be a potent combination for attracting tourists. Imagine boarding the train at Thunder Bay then hopping off to spend the day boating or diving near one of the towns on the beautiful North Shore, or riding the scenic rail route to go fishing at a town further along the coast.

Restore Our Passenger Rail

Routes are often saved or restored because of the activism of local residents, and popular demand from the public. You can make a difference! Join our campaign to bring passenger rail back to Thunder Bay & the North Shore:

1. Download & sign the petition
2. Contact your Member of Parliament
3. Join the Facebook Group

For more information or to find out how you can get involved with local residents campaigning for restoration of service, call Vicki at Bruce Hyer's Constituency Office at 1-888-266-8004.

Download the Petition
Contact an MP
Join the Facebook Group

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